Love hurts

I have to say…the one mistake it seems young moms make is to look too hard for love.

Maybe wanting that someone to love you is one reason (only one) that young girls get pregnant. After the baby comes and the dad moves on (because he so often can’t handle the responsibility and just–drudgery of it all), the young mom gets even more–okay–i’ll say it–desperate for a new love. That someone who will love her, and now, her baby forever and forever.

Don’t get me wrong–it happens–but usually when said mom is older and more established and has more confidence.

Young moms, don’t rush into things with another guys. Build a good “tribe” of female friends and nurture those relationships. Build your relationships with your family if you can.

It hurts to be rejects and it love hurts when it’s over, but the truth is that you grow when you’re outside a relations.

Teen Mom2 September 24

Jenelle backs away from Nathan (a little) and gets a little closer to mom. She might need mom’s help again now that Nathan is cheating on her. Sigh. Jenelle might have moved to fast on this Nathan and having another baby thing.

Kailyn and Javi see their new home. Glad to see one of the teen moms is putting their money into something tangible (a home). She’s also graduating. Brava!

Leah is back from rehab. Too bad her mother doesn’t want to acknowledge Leah’s drug issues. Cory wants to make sure everyone knows Leah has drug issues. I blame doctors who are to quick to prescribe meds to cope. Anti-anxiety meds are addictive too and can change a persons thinking.

Chelsea’s life is going a little too well. I’m happy, don’t get me wrong, but it seems like she shouldn’t have her boyfriend move in so soon. He’s cuter than a puppy though, and only took up a smidge of her closet.

Didn’t get to see Chelsea’s dad this time. Miss him.

More drama coming next week from Jenelle when they meet with Dr. Drew.

Teen Mom2 08/26/15

What happened to Leah? I fear she’s fallen into the prescription drug pit. Sure, they’re legal–at least to start. The doctor prescribes a painkiller for (temporary) back pain or Xanax for that anxiety (sometimes not-so-temporary). Before you know it, it feels much better to be on them than off. I hope she pushes through the pain before she truly loses it all.

Kail and Javi are doing better, but I feel the under-current of Kail’s doubt. Perhaps she is a little bored or feels there’s something more out there? I hope she keeps her nice little family together.

Chelsea gets a pig with her new boyfriend. He’s cute as a button (the boyfriend). The pig is going to get big and very noisy. Chelsea’s really gotten her act together. Thank Dad (Randy).

What to do about Jenelle? She is so book smart and so not-boy-smart. (Is “train-wreck” over-used?) Babs is right–please don’t let another guy drag you down. Take your cute Kaiser and roll onto another path. Stay away from the boys for awhile, please (coming from someone who didn’t always heed that advice in her younger years).

Can’t wait for next week.

There’s always “I am Cait” tonight!

Teen Mom 2 8/16/15

Watched my DVR of Teen Mom 2 (is it my imagination, or are there more commercials this season?) and I’m reeling from the amount of spiral going on with the moms.

Leah has clearly gone to the dark side of addiction. I don’t think this is her fault; I blame her doctor(s). To give young people a long-term solution (probably Xanax or another tranq) to a short-term problem (relationship issues/money issues), makes the problem worse. These prescribed drugs are as damaging as alcohol abuse.  She gained and lost much in the last couple of years (a new baby, a job, 2 marriages).

Kailyn seems to be yearning to be free (an what young person doesn’t). But, she’s the mom of two now. I feel she’s “dumping” on Javi; using him as an excuse to go out and have fun. She said something correct when she said it’s good for her to have friends, but it would be even better if she and Javi had some common friends and interests.

Chelsea has to rely on herself (and Dad, of course) again when Adam’s ex-girlfriend seems to be going back to the dark-side (Adam). Sigh. What does this guy have that’s so intriguing? Is it the jail time? The ever-increasing tattoos? The lone-wolf personality?

Jenelle can’t catch a break in the romance department. I only hope she doesn’t have to rely on Mom again to help care for Kaiser. Bab’s has enough on her hands with Jace. I did hear that Jenelle has graduated college (in the medical field). How does she make school look so easy and life look so hard?

Can’t wait til next week.

Teen Mom 2 8/5/15

Yikes, Leah and Kailyn are both melting down.

I read that Leah (after her husband filed for divorce) is now moving in with another guy (who has 2 kids!). Talk about piling on and moving fast. I think she should take a minute to figure out what she wants and who she is.

Kailyn seems hell-bent on driving Javi out of her life. I find myself feeling sorry for him.  Kailyn seems to want to have fun while leaving the kids with their respective dads. Not the goal-driven Kailyn from last season.

What can you say about Jenelle? She cannot talk in a normal tone of voice. I laughed at her boyfriend as he tried to talk in a normal tone of voice with her. It’s almost impossible not to yell and scream back. I know she learned it from Barbra, but come on. And, why is she so smart in school and so dumb about situations? I am proud of her for parenting Kaiser, although he seems to be by himself in his little chair a lot (even holding his own bottle).

For all the kid’s sakes, I hope these ladies get it together.

BTW, congrats to Chelsea who seems to have it mostly together (maybe thanks to her dad’s support).

Teen Mom 2

Games people play 2/7/15

I noticed a common theme in the last Teen Mom 2 episode. Hidden agendas.

Seems that Kailyn already knows that she will not stay married to Javi.  A common road to divorce or splitsville happens when one partner (Kailyn) emotionally checks out and does everything possible to ensure failure of the partnership. Seems like Javi becomes insecure because he “feels” the marriage drifting and breaking apart. The more he hangs on tight, the more Kailyn has reason to call him controlling and pull away. If they’s only meet in the middle..she understanding his insecurity and he pulling back a little…

Jenelle seems to be playing a hidden game of “chicken” with her mother. Can she force Barbra into giving her full custody of Jace? Does Jenelle want full custody? Seems she uses bribes to keep Jace “happy” but he’s clearly disturbed and understands everything and hears everything. Poor little guys is going to be so torn and confused.

I think Leah is clearly overwhelmed and needs help instead of having her mothering skills continually tested by Corey and his wife. Kudos to them for helping, but please, help her feel secure that you do not have a hidden agenda.

Hoping the best for all these young parents.

Teen Mom 2

Even though I’m way past my teen parenting phase, I’m fascinated with the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 series. I like to compare the way teen pregnancy and teen parenting is handled now versus “back in the day.”

It’s very different in that society views it differently. Mostly it’s the same in the way it causes waves of upheaval in young lives and the lives of their families.

In Teen Mom 2, it’s obvious that some of the girls are still maturing (okay, let’s face it; they’re all still growing an maturing). Jenelle, for instance, never had to really care for her first son because her mom, Barbara, took over early on. Who knows what would have happened to Jace had she not done that. But now, she’s hurried into another relationship and had another baby.

Leah has also hurried into a second (failed) marriage and another baby while not allowing herself to grow up and take her time with things. An aside: while I don’t think she is a drug abuser, I blame doctors who prescribe tranquilizers and pain killers (both highly addictive) to young people.

Chelsea seems to be the only one not hurrying to have another child, although ironically her ex-boyfriend hurried to have another baby with another girl.

I just want to advise young women to slow down. You’ll meet someone some day. You’ll have more babies (and it won’t matter if your children are 10 or more years apart in age).

I remember that angst, that fear inside that nobody would love me, that nobody would accept me and my child. I too rushed into a marriage (that neither he nor I were ready for) and had another beautiful baby. I don’t regret either, but the world is a little different now. Young people have to work hard to grow up and be independent.

I want to say, “Be somebody before you’re somebody’s.” Become who you’re supposed to be before you try to make another relationship work.

First Post

Welcome to my site and blog! I like to discuss teen pregnancy and parenting. That’s because I was a teen mom and then a young mom for a second time.

Something about myself: Married; white; a little older than you most likely; been through 2 and 1/2 marriages (more about that lately–the last I’m still in and it’s great); love animals; love the environment; love to cook; and love writing and reading.

I consider myself to be liberal in most things and hardly anything shocks me anymore.

I like movies and books. I like to watch Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and 16 and Pregnant (mostly to see how things have changed since I was young and single and pregnant).

Anyway, welcome to my blog. Eventually I am going to add a forum to get all kinds of discussion going.