Love hurts

I have to say…the one mistake it seems young moms make is to look too hard for love.

Maybe wanting that someone to love you is one reason (only one) that young girls get pregnant. After the baby comes and the dad moves on (because he so often can’t handle the responsibility and just–drudgery of it all), the young mom gets even more–okay–i’ll say it–desperate for a new love. That someone who will love her, and now, her baby forever and forever.

Don’t get me wrong–it happens–but usually when said mom is older and more established and has more confidence.

Young moms, don’t rush into things with another guys. Build a good “tribe” of female friends and nurture those relationships. Build your relationships with your family if you can.

It hurts to be rejects and it love hurts when it’s over, but the truth is that you grow when you’re outside a relations.

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S. M. Arthur

I am a former teen mom, mother of two beautiful and accomplished adult daughters. I have Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from the University of Colorado (Business and English). I worked for a large corporation in Denver. I am passionate about teen pregnancy and teen parents and want to help them to become better parents (learning from things I did not do so well). I live in Denver and Maui, Hi with my husband and dog. I also write fiction (mysteries and historical).

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