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Games people play 2/7/15

I noticed a common theme in the last Teen Mom 2 episode. Hidden agendas.

Seems that Kailyn already knows that she will not stay married to Javi.  A common road to divorce or splitsville happens when one partner (Kailyn) emotionally checks out and does everything possible to ensure failure of the partnership. Seems like Javi becomes insecure because he “feels” the marriage drifting and breaking apart. The more he hangs on tight, the more Kailyn has reason to call him controlling and pull away. If they’s only meet in the middle..she understanding his insecurity and he pulling back a little…

Jenelle seems to be playing a hidden game of “chicken” with her mother. Can she force Barbra into giving her full custody of Jace? Does Jenelle want full custody? Seems she uses bribes to keep Jace “happy” but he’s clearly disturbed and understands everything and hears everything. Poor little guys is going to be so torn and confused.

I think Leah is clearly overwhelmed and needs help instead of having her mothering skills continually tested by Corey and his wife. Kudos to them for helping, but please, help her feel secure that you do not have a hidden agenda.

Hoping the best for all these young parents.

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S. M. Arthur

I am a former teen mom, mother of two beautiful and accomplished adult daughters. I have Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from the University of Colorado (Business and English). I worked for a large corporation in Denver. I am passionate about teen pregnancy and teen parents and want to help them to become better parents (learning from things I did not do so well). I live in Denver and Maui, Hi with my husband and dog. I also write fiction (mysteries and historical).

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