Teen Mom 2 8/16/15

Watched my DVR of Teen Mom 2 (is it my imagination, or are there more commercials this season?) and I’m reeling from the amount of spiral going on with the moms.

Leah has clearly gone to the dark side of addiction. I don’t think this is her fault; I blame her doctor(s). To give young people a long-term solution (probably Xanax or another tranq) to a short-term problem (relationship issues/money issues), makes the problem worse. These prescribed drugs are as damaging as alcohol abuse.  She gained and lost much in the last couple of years (a new baby, a job, 2 marriages).

Kailyn seems to be yearning to be free (an what young person doesn’t). But, she’s the mom of two now. I feel she’s “dumping” on Javi; using him as an excuse to go out and have fun. She said something correct when she said it’s good for her to have friends, but it would be even better if she and Javi had some common friends and interests.

Chelsea has to rely on herself (and Dad, of course) again when Adam’s ex-girlfriend seems to be going back to the dark-side (Adam). Sigh. What does this guy have that’s so intriguing? Is it the jail time? The ever-increasing tattoos? The lone-wolf personality?

Jenelle can’t catch a break in the romance department. I only hope she doesn’t have to rely on Mom again to help care for Kaiser. Bab’s has enough on her hands with Jace. I did hear that Jenelle has graduated college (in the medical field). How does she make school look so easy and life look so hard?

Can’t wait til next week.

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S. M. Arthur

I am a former teen mom, mother of two beautiful and accomplished adult daughters. I have Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from the University of Colorado (Business and English). I worked for a large corporation in Denver. I am passionate about teen pregnancy and teen parents and want to help them to become better parents (learning from things I did not do so well). I live in Denver and Maui, Hi with my husband and dog. I also write fiction (mysteries and historical).

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