Teen Mom 2 8/5/15

Yikes, Leah and Kailyn are both melting down.

I read that Leah (after her husband filed for divorce) is now moving in with another guy (who has 2 kids!). Talk about piling on and moving fast. I think she should take a minute to figure out what she wants and who she is.

Kailyn seems hell-bent on driving Javi out of her life. I find myself feeling sorry for him.  Kailyn seems to want to have fun while leaving the kids with their respective dads. Not the goal-driven Kailyn from last season.

What can you say about Jenelle? She cannot talk in a normal tone of voice. I laughed at her boyfriend as he tried to talk in a normal tone of voice with her. It’s almost impossible not to yell and scream back. I know she learned it from Barbra, but come on. And, why is she so smart in school and so dumb about situations? I am proud of her for parenting Kaiser, although he seems to be by himself in his little chair a lot (even holding his own bottle).

For all the kid’s sakes, I hope these ladies get it together.

BTW, congrats to Chelsea who seems to have it mostly together (maybe thanks to her dad’s support).

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