Teen Mom2 08/26/15

What happened to Leah? I fear she’s fallen into the prescription drug pit. Sure, they’re legal–at least to start. The doctor prescribes a painkiller for (temporary) back pain or Xanax for that anxiety (sometimes not-so-temporary). Before you know it, it feels much better to be on them than off. I hope she pushes through the pain before she truly loses it all.

KailĀ and Javi are doing better, but I feel the under-current of Kail’s doubt. Perhaps she is a little bored or feels there’s something more out there? I hope she keeps her nice little family together.

Chelsea gets a pig with her new boyfriend. He’s cute as a button (the boyfriend). The pig is going to get big and very noisy. Chelsea’s really gotten her act together. Thank Dad (Randy).

What to do about Jenelle? She is so book smart and so not-boy-smart. (Is “train-wreck” over-used?) Babs is right–please don’t let another guy drag you down. Take your cuteĀ Kaiser and roll onto another path. Stay away from the boys for awhile, please (coming from someone who didn’t always heed that advice in her younger years).

Can’t wait for next week.

There’s always “I am Cait” tonight!

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