Teen Mom2 September 24

Jenelle backs away from Nathan (a little) and gets a little closer to mom. She might need mom’s help again now that Nathan is cheating on her. Sigh. Jenelle might have moved to fast on this Nathan and having another baby thing.

Kailyn and Javi see their new home. Glad to see one of the teen moms is putting their money into something tangible (a home). She’s also graduating. Brava!

Leah is back from rehab. Too bad her mother doesn’t want to acknowledge Leah’s drug issues. Cory wants to make sure everyone knows Leah has drug issues. I blame doctors who are to quick to prescribe meds to cope. Anti-anxiety meds are addictive too and can change a persons thinking.

Chelsea’s life is going a little too well. I’m happy, don’t get me wrong, but it seems like she shouldn’t have her boyfriend move in so soon. He’s cuter than a puppy though, and only took up a smidge of her closet.

Didn’t get to see Chelsea’s dad this time. Miss him.

More drama coming next week from Jenelle when they meet with Dr. Drew.

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